Monday, November 17, 2008

Once again I am, like, so totally offended

I've gone over this before. The whole "I'm offended" thing.

The online ad above ran over the weekend for Motrin, and apparently it started a total s***storm among Young Moms Who Like to Wear Their Children.

I've looked at the spot several times and read the Adfreak post that says the spot comes across as insulting to moms because it apparently implies that they wear their babies like "fashion accessories". I don't get it. I think it's a good spot. It merely points out -- in a lighthearted manner -- that if you get back pain from hauling junior around in a sling -- and it doesn't at all seem to me to imply that your reason for doing so is a bad one -- Motrin can help with the muscle pain. Exactly what in the spot is not true?

But apparently Twitter lit up with angry complaints about it.

Geeze ladies, Get over yourselves. Why is this a problem? After all, you do wear the child in a sling, right, right? What do you care if Motrin says so in an Internet spot? Seriously. I mean, check this out.

Of course, every time I see a woman or man hauling a child around in one of those slings where the kid is on their chest facing out (I suppose so the world can see what an adorable child they have), my first thought is of those scenes in the "Alien" movies where the space monster "hatches" by bursting out of somebody's chest.

But that movie totally offended me.


Adrants had a much better, more real-world post about it here.

. . . yet again" the post reads, "America has lost its sense of humor and has gotten its underwear up its crack over an innocuous Motrin ad which pokes fun at babywearing."

Well said.

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