Monday, October 27, 2008

Our art director is moving to San Francisco

She's moving for love. Actually, she moved here for love too. Maybe she just loves to move. Be that as it may, who could really blame her? It's San Freaking Francisco.

But it means that we'll need to replace her after she's gone in late December.

CONS: We're small and everybody wears a lot of hats. We can't pay what the Big Guys pay and you'll probably never go to Toronto to shoot or LA to edit.

PROS: Good people, good work, good clients, good location, good environment, competitive salary. Plus, we're small, so you'll get to see your fingerprints on everything and get a lot of freedom.

You should know how to use all the necessary programs, and if you don't know what those are, I can't help you. We'd like somebody with agency experience unless we see a shockingly good reason not to worry about it.

Send a cover note or a resume-like thing and some PDF or JPG samples to:

There's a link on here somewhere so you can see the kind of work we do.

Please don't call. I can't find the phone.

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