Friday, October 10, 2008

Are you one?

I am. Our son is. And now we find out that a copywriter in Denver is one too. And his dad.

And so is my favorite croc in Pearls Before Swine.

"One" being named "Larry".

(My real name is Lawrence. But my father was named Harry and my mother couldn't face having "Harry and Larry" around the house. But she still wanted to name me after the alcoholic uncle who'd been sober for a while. So her solution was the goofy nickname I will have until I die. But underneath all that, I'm sort of a Larry. At least I am to telemarketers who want me to think we're buddies.)

I couldn't fathom a guess at how many Larry or Lawrence Hinkles there are out there. A lot, I'm sure. When you start to filter it by how many are in advertising, though, the list gets smaller. Narrow it further to being a creative type and you winnow it down a bit more. Then when you consider just the copywriters (the truly elegant folk) -- well, if there are others, I'd like to meet them.

So, for your viewing pleasure, I give you Larry Hinkle, a damn good freelance copywriter in Denver Colorado. I'm just gonna HAVE to hire him some day.

But the croc is still my favorite.


will write for beer said...

i'm larry hinkle. and i approved this message.

Rebecca said...

I LOVE the crocs in "Pearls Before Swine." When I read the strip, I can actually hear them talking inside my head. (that is to say, I don't hear voices in my head, but I can clearly imagine what the Crocs would sound like if they were say, an animated cartoon ... oh, you know what I mean!)

Pier House Resort said...

I think it's twins...

Martha-Anne said...

Well, like your sister, Martha Lee, naming me, her daughter, Martha-Anne, insisting it's different because it's hyphenated and therefore, I have an interesting first name, no middle name. Through the years, nobody has gotten this right. Anne, inevitably, is written as a middle name or they leave the hyphen out altogether as well as a third "a" so it's Marthanne....oy.