Monday, September 8, 2008

Every headline I can think of for this is inadequate

A few years ago a photographer dropped by with his book and in it were a bunch of pictures of people literally string up by hooks and chains. I can't remember exactly what it was for, but it was an ad campaign and it completely, totally, utterly and without question creeped me out.

This does too.

I found it on copyranter, who found it on the Denver Eogist.

This freak show was put on in a London store window to protest mutilating sharks to make shark fin soup. I am definitely not in favor of mistreating animals for any reason, Certainly not for soup. But I agree with the Egoist whose headline was: "File under frickin' nutbag".

This is British performance artist (and card-carrying lunatic, I suspect) Alice Newstead hanging by shark hooks in a London soap shop (a soap shop? WTF?).

"How," asks the Egoist with all due sarcasm, "are we
supposed to keep up by doing tri-fold brochures for clients when the world’s freaks keep raising the advertising bar with methods like this?"

How indeed?

See more here if you're inclined to.

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Woody Hinkle said...

UPDATE: I was thinking about this last night and I guess, on some level, it worked. I never knew that sharks were mutilated (caught, fin removed, then thrown back) for shark fin soup.

So I guess it worked in that regard.
But maybe there was another way to approach it.