Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Whoa dude! What a CONCEPT!

Duo to Launch Agency with a Twist

Digital advertising veterans P.J. Pereira and Andrew O'Dell caused a stir in the industry earlier this year when they left their senior posts at AKQA, then and still one of the hotter interactive ad agencies. Wednesday, they will announce plans to launch a new full-service agency.Messrs. Pereira, 34 years old, and O'Dell, 38, say the problem with most existing ad agencies is that they either have a traditional focus or a digital orientation.

Meanwhile, traditional ad agencies instinctively encourage marketers to buy television spots and print ads because that is what they are paid to produce, the two men say.

The two say their new San Francisco-based agency, Pereira & O'Dell, will offer clients both digital and traditional services, but won't sell them what they don't need. The company has secured $30 million in funding -- plus, the founders say, the prospect of an additional $70 million -- from Brazilian investment fund ABC International.


Tracy saw this release today.

Don't sell clients what they don't need! How radical! How innovative! How out-of-the-ordinary. Or is it? All I know is that here at N+H Central, we've always put what the client needs first. Always believed that if your only tool is a hammer every problem tends to look like a nail.

So I'm not sure these guys have come up with such a radical concept. At least it's not new to us. A pretentious release? Oh yeah. But an original idea? Nahhhhh.

But about that $30 million in funding . . .

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