Friday, April 4, 2008

This is a fun site.

Note to self: Never do a post just as you are getting ready to go home sick. If you do, you might have grievous errors like naming your post -- as THIS one was originally named until just now -- "a fin site" instead of "a fun site".

I'm better now. Thank you for your attention.

Classic Commercials TV4U.

Looking for that American Express commercial I mentioned in the previous post, I came across this site full of classic TV commercials. Obviously, not everything from the past is really "classic" (this probably ought to be called "Vintage Commercials"), but there are some spots there that would still work today.

Be sure to watch the old Pabst Blue Ribbon beer spot "starring" Jeff Daniels with Denzel Washington in a teeny little role (as the token black guy). Look under Classic Beer Commercials. Also check out the Anderson Soup spot.

Don't use the navigation at the top of the page -- the commercials are linked to the thumbnails.

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