Monday, March 31, 2008

Yet another example of politics messing things up.

The Butterfly Effect, six degrees of Kevin Bacon, I don't know, but it is interesting that nothing exists in a vacuum.

For example, my friend Eric Myers (a hot-shot Comcast sales rep who I met following his dramatic belly-flop into home plate during a softball game) sent me an e-mail this morning as a possible blog topic:

"With the Democrats' nominee likely to be undetermined until LATE in the political cycle, both parties are likely to end up spending their advertising war chest in a smaller amount of time later in the calendar. Which unfortunately coincides with 4th qtr,(typically the back to school, and Holiday run-up time) which is going to put a lot of extra inventory pressure (more than a normal political period) on the media outlets. Many smaller advertisers that are not typically planners are likely to get squeezed out by the politico’s and the bigger advertisers."

So in case you were wondering what real-world effect the drawn-out Democratic nominating process might have on a local business, there it is.

I guess no matter WHAT you do, there's no escaping politics.

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paul said...

Or perhaps some messed-up politics?