Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hard versus Not Hard.

One of the things that drew me to hire Jessica Tree as an art director was a campaign she did in school for wood.

That’s right, wood. Particle board, actually, as I recall. It was a great campaign, and the fact that it was even an assignment is a testament to Brainco, the ad school where she studied after college. It certainly would have been easier to do a great campaign, as she said, for something like Play-Doh or fireballs. (I might add to that list, the ever-popular Wonderbra, a staple of spec ads.)

You know, something easy.

Doing a cool ad for fireballs, Play-Doh or Wonderbra (or hot sauce, a tattoo parlor, a bar or record store) isn’t all that hard. And, frankly, not really the kind of thing most of us do most of the time. We don’t most of us do a lot of full-page, four-color print ads or full-page, four-color spread ads all day either. But that’s what student books are full of.

Want to show me ― or anybody ― what you can really do? Show me a great 2 x 5 retail ad for a paint store or a half-page ad for a remodeling company. Maybe a real estate ad. Because if you can do something great with something ordinary (like wood, for example), you can do something great with something cool when you get the chance.

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