Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super (Bowl) Thoughts

I haven’t really run through all the ad blogs and web pages to see what the Ad World thinks about the Super Bowl commercials. Nor have I read the newspapers to see what the Civilians think.

The only place I’ve looked so far is Ernie Schenck’s blog, and I’m on the “Charlie Brown for Coke Was the Best” bus. Nice spot. Engaging, relevant, well done.

Actually, I thought most of the spots on this year’s Super Bowl were pretty good. I could be wrong, but it seemed that there was a lot less of the “we’re spending more than two mil on this thing, so let’s go wild and crazy and shock everybody” approach from past years. The Dalmatian spot with the Clydesdale for Bud was good.

And maybe I missed it, but I’d seen a preview of a spot that ended with a whole pack of Dalmatians pursuing a Miller Light truck. I wish it had run.

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