Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I Gotta Get Away Because Life Comes at Me Fast

In the category of People Who Ought To Be Taken Out And Shot For The Good of The Country, I’d like to offer up those who keep using the type of voiceover you hear in this Nationwide commercial.

It's a funny joke, and I like the campaign, I guess. But it does sort of have that “sure that’s crazy, but not as crazy as our George Washington’s Day sale prices!!!” feel to it. You know, here’s a joke that really doesn’t relate to our product. Now on to the selling part.

Whatever. Smarter people than me do these things.

But still, I am just sick to death of that “voice”. Southwest Airlines and God knows who all else do the same sort of thing. I leap for the mute button when I see it coming.

It’s like using a punch label for a headline type. The first time somebody did it, it was cool.

Now it’s just annoying.

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