Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Keep your eyes peeled

I'm sure they will turn up on the web, and I'll post them if I find them, but I saw two very cool commercials during the LSU/Ohio State football game last night.

The first was for FedEx. We open on an informal office meeting. All the participants' voices are vibrating like the building is shaking. The final attendee shows up apologizing for being late, sits in his chair, and his voice starts to vibrate. Seems they bought the company massage lounge chairs with the money they saved using FedEx. Loses something in the translation here, I know. But it's funny as hell, and it really makes the point, Look for it.

The other one is for that new movie "Jumper". The premise of the movie is that some guy realizes he can jump through time. In the course of the trailer, he jumps into his TV -- straight into a Microsoft commercial featuring Serena Williams that runs its course -- with him in it interacting with the tennis star. Then he pops back out and they finish up the Jumper spot. It's a spot within a spot and I think it really works.

So pay attention to the commercials for a while. There are at least two rewards out there for you. I'm sure the FedEx one will be on YouTube soon.

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