Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Jeeze, I am tired of this

Once again, Ernie Schenck’s blog took a gratuitous swipe at Washington. Once again, it was a post about political advertising, and once again, he lumped all of us together into one boat with a reference to “those hacks in Washington”.

OK, Ernie. One more time. Yes, most political advertising is awful. And yes, a great many political agencies are in Washington. But no, not everybody in Washington does political advertising. So no, generalizations don't apply.

I’ll even go one step further. Yes, there is some truly great advertising being produced in New York, Miami, Austin and even Boston. But oh my god, there is some incredible crap turned out in those cities too.

This isn't the first time. Probably not the last, either. But I am really weary of Washington area creativity being defined by self-focused people in other markets as only political advertising. That ain’t the case.

You know, we tried to get Ernie Schenck to be a judge for our D.C. Addy Awards this year, but he couldn't do it. Perhaps if he actually ever saw the work that gets done here, he’d change his mind. Maybe we should send him a show book.

(Later that same day . . . ): After I posted a hissy comment on Ernie's blog about the above, he responded, and now I feel better. All is forgiven.

"Sorry, Woody," he said. "It is a pretty broad brush, I admit. And I apologize. Though I hope you understand when I say hacks, I'm referring to political advertising only. I know there are some very talented people in Washington doing some terrific work, including Arnold where my former partner, Woody Kay-- hey look at that, another Woody-- has been overseeing some great stuff. But politically? Sorry, dude. I don't claim to be up on every political spot coming out of DC, but what I do know of, well, it's pretty wretched. I'm sick of it. I believe the American public is sick of it. Hacks in Boston? God yes. Everywhere."

Class act, that Ernie Schenck.

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Joe said...

Couldn't agree more. I try and check back in on Ernie's blog (and this one of course) every few days. Good insights on both.