Monday, December 10, 2007

Flavor of the Month

It’s getting a bit frantic out there.

FaceBook, MySpace, E-mails, web sites, Wikis, database and customer relationship management, ambient advertising, print advertising, blogs, Stickam, radio, television, direct mail, text messages . . .

It seems a bit like the various executions are driving the marketing communications effort. And as soon as a new one comes out, everybody rushes to embrace it. Until something else comes out. Did you see “The Wiz”? Remember the part where the Wizard decrees the “in” color and everybody’s down with it. Then he decrees a different color and they all love that one?

That’s kind of what it looks like to me as “advertisers” (and I use that word to describe anybody who has anything they want to sell or promote) run to and fro from the last Next Great Thing to the next Next Great Thing.

And it seems, as often as not, the message is crafted to fit the medium, rather than the medium chosen to suit the message ― a message that was developed to meet the needs and strategy of the product or service. And a lot of clients are being sold on a particular execution or medium because they think it’s going to deliver astounding results at a very low cost. (Usually because whomever sells that particular gee-whiz thing told them it would.)

And then when something else comes along . . .

I think there is a bit of tail-wagging-the-dog going on. Tactics are taking over and the brand is getting lost.

Maybe the message comes first, then the media and execution?


David said...

It puzzles me why time and time again so many of them don't get something as simple as the adage: it's the content stupid.

Eric said...

It stems from the DIY attitude that is prevalent in our society.

A business owner would rather spend time and money (time is money) on trial and error... learning the process than hire a professional.

most people wouldn't trust themselves to fix the brakes on their car by themself.... but everyone is a marketing expert.