Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Two things

One: "If you hate the headline, just say you hate the headline."

It's a condo project. $300,000 and up. Headline says "Buy two and we'll throw in a swell t-shirt." Client says "I don't want to have to give away a t-shirt."

The other one: This is a great use of the web.

Check this out - Part of a Horizon Air campaign for the Portland-Seattle shuttle by wongdoody. I haven't seen other elements of the campaign, but it's a good guess people weren't expected to just stumble on the web site by accident.
Somebody went to a lot of trouble for this. Somebody smart.


Paul G. said...

You really have to love the fear-badgers and anxiety snakes...

I think I may have to tease some friends into doing a comic web site just called "the four wheeled cage" now.

Paul G. said...

Oh, and your client sounds like one of those people in the 10 items or less grocery store line in front of you who doesn't have enough money for what they picked out, so they keep asking the clerk, "How much is it if I don't get this?" and you feel like just handing the clerk a $5 bill so the idiot will get out of your way and you can go home.