Sunday, June 10, 2007

Two ideas. One winner.

I don’t know about anybody else in this business, but one thing that just totally honks me off is a wasted opportunity. And one thing that makes me think there is hope yet for this business is when somebody does something special.

Here’s one example: Bryant Air Conditioning. One of the most pathetically stupid, moronic commercials I have seen in ages. “Bryantman” in some idiot superhero costume defeating “Scorcher” who winds up in the kiddie pool after being foiled from assaulting Mr. and Mrs. Happy Homeowner’s Little House in the Suburbs. You know what? Whoever dreamed this up should be shot. And so should everybody along the line who approved it.

If you have an opportunity with a national client to sell air conditioners at the beginning of summer and this is the best you can, do I have five words for you. “Get out of the business.” You’re embarrassing yourself.

But here’s another example. Select Comfort has a mattress called “Dial a Number” that lets you adjust the firmness of the two sides of the thing. And the other night, we saw a spot where some guy and his dog are on the bed and he goes on and on about all the different numbers his different wives had and which one the dog a big dog has. He finishes with something about how his next wife will probably be someone with the same sleep number as the dog.

Inspired. A beautiful spot with a simple idea. No matter who you share your bed with, Select Comfort has you covered.

Bryant ought to fire their current agency and hire whoever it was that did this spot.

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pmgarcia said...

I'm not sure why I haven't seen this one from Burger King before, but if you check out they have found a very unique way of getting across the message of "chicken, your way" with something that sneaks up on you when you start playing with the interactive site. It's so horrible, you just can't turn away! And now all I want to do is tell BK how absolutely, wonderfully, weird they are, and that I will never forget them for messing with my mind.