Friday, May 25, 2007

You've gotta love this thinking

And now, another example of a terrific idea. This one from Grey Worldwide, found on My guess is that there is probably some sort of prohibition against this kind of thing in Washington. And permit issues too, no doubt. Oh, people here could think of this sort of thing. But getting it done is another question.

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pmgarcia said...

Speaking of permits in Washington, that reminds me of the street tagging campaigns. You may have seen people spray paint promos onto the asphalt, but a more clever company took dirty city streets and sprayed them with solvent, so the message was actually written in clean instead of in paint. Can't fine people for cleaning the streets! That said, I have now found temporary street paint in a variety of colors. When you want to remove it, you spray it with the remover and throw a bucket of water on it, and it's gone like sidewalk chalk.