Saturday, April 7, 2007

Here's what we think about that.

We think advertising in Washington, D.C. can be so much better than it is. The place is full of talented creative people, but many people and agencies have set a low bar for themselves. We're too often content to follow and imitate what other markets do and way, way to quick to claim that this isn't a market that lends itself to good work. Edgy, exciting, effective work. The kind most all of us in the creative field want to do. Baloney.

The market doesn't define the creative opportunities.

Here's something cool we saw recently. Wish we had a picture. It was a series of two-sheeters (the non-lighted signs by the escalators) in a Metro station that MDB did for the DC Lottery. Three or four posters, the last of which had the ad -- a red ball, promoting the Red Ball game or some such thing. The first few sheets were the line indicating that that the ball had been bouncing, as if it had bounced from one sign to another. That took courage. Courage to devote nothing on those first few posters but the bounce line.

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